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Area Voices: Andy Messerschmidt, Visual Artist

Andy Messerschmidt's Agroccult Series

"going off of the bucoloic, beautiful landscape, which is very common, but trying to throw in elements of cultural collapse...xenophobia (fear of the other... things that aren't familiar)...there's usually some kind of nice picturesque stage behind all of them.  There's a horizon line that always designates that there's some sort of landcape. There's usually some sort of sky... but then I'll put in elements like the Galaga arcade alien, things like that...completely dichotomous sides competing against each other." - Andy Messerschmidt on his Agroccult series

Ely based Andy Messerschmidt is a prolific artist, to say the least.  His series Agroccult is currently on display at the MacRostie Art Center in Grand Rapids.  Agroccult is a collection of nearly 1,000 landscape paintings all based on some sort of utopian/dystopian scenario or scene.  We spoke with Andy about his the Agroccult collection, what he's working on now and much more.