Border News Roundup with Marshall Helmberger

May 22, 2020

Marshall Helmberger is editor and publisher of the Timberjay newspaper, serving northestern Minnesota.  Each week he joins Heidi Holtan on the Friday Morning Show for Border News Roundup.  Today he talks about the legislative session that ended this week, business reopenings in Cook and Tower, and Ely's cake maker, Susan Laine, taking cake orders for essential businesses in the area.

When harvest time comes to Vibrant Farm in Guthrie MN, DaNae Johnson’s crops stand about 2 1/2” tall. She grabs the leaves with one hand and cuts the stems with a sharp knife. “When most people are thinning out their gardens, that’s about the stage of when I harvest,” DaNae explains. “They’re tiny little plants and they’re just power packed with nutrients.”

2020 is an extraordinary year, especially for local high school seniors.  They are experiencing something no one has gone through before:  celebrating and honoring their education in a world of social distancing.  Do you know a graduating senior?  We'd love to talk with them!  Email us. 

Britta Aas graduates from Bemidji High School this weekend.   She spoke on the morning show about how Covid has affected her senior year and the lessons she's gleaned during these times. 

MN Attorney General Keith Ellison talks with Heidi and John on the Thursday Morning Show.  He talks about the small businesses, restaurants and bars reopening and what his office is dealing with regarding the pandemic.

The Attorney General is the chief legal officer of the State of Minnesota. The Office provides legal representation to over 100 state agencies, boards, and commissions and represents the State of Minnesota in state and federal court and administrative hearings.

Harry Hutchins joins John Latimer and Heidi Holtan on Tuesday mornings for A Talk on the Wildside.  This week Harry brings us singing birds with calls that are similar to that of the robin.  Harry and John compare the robins call with that of the rose-breasted grosbeak, the red-eyed vireo and the scarlet tanager.  You can hear the singing birds and lively conversation by clicking below.

Tree and Woodland Carbon Capture Challenge

May 19, 2020

Matt Russell is an extension specialist in forest resources at the University of Minnesota. He joins Heidi Holtan and John Latimer on the Tuesday Morning Show to talk about the Minnesota Tree and Woodland Carbon Capture Challenge, a friendly competition for Minnesotans to learn about the role of trees as a natural climate solution. 

North Country Trail: New Addition near Grand Rapids

May 19, 2020

Art Norton talks with Heidi Holtan and John Latimer on the Tuesday Morning Show.  They talk about the new connection to the North Country Trail in Grand Rapids, a three mile additon to the existing trail.  Art lets us know where it's located and gives us details on the new trail.  They also give some information on the virtual workshops being held by the North Country National Scenic Trail, giving people the opportunity to make suggestions and learn more about the trails.

Lori Petrauski grew up near Nashwauk listening to the Phenology Show and Talk on the Wild Side.  She went on to study phenology at the University of West Virginia.  She joins John Latimer and Dallas Hudson on the Tuesday Morning Show to catch us up on where her career has taken her.  Lori is now in Fairbanks, Alaska working as a phenologist for the National Ecolgical Observatory Network.  She talks about her project there, the phenological differences between Minnesota and Alaska, and shares her recipe for making Balm of Gilead salve.

Michael Small: A Time for Reimagination

May 19, 2020

Michael Small is the minister at the Community Church of Walker, he joins Heidi Holtan on the extended hour of the Monday Morning Show.  They talk about the changes we all face with the move from stay at home to stay safe Minnesota. This change creates a temptation to get together and for organiztions to reopen.  Michael suggest not a reopening but a reimagining of how we can gather together.

Essays by Steve Downing: Listen to your body

May 19, 2020

Steve Downing shares his essay about listening to your boday.  When you are eating, excercising or even doing yoga, what is your body telling you?  What is your capacity for you to listen to your body?  Hear what Steve's entertaining thoughts are on this subject.


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There have been several high-profile stories recently involving African-Americans who have been killed — George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor — or caught up in racist incidents such as the

Earlier in this pandemic, the shortage of tests for coronavirus was a major problem in fighting the spread of COVID-19. The shortage was such that many hospitals and clinics would only test someone who had traveled to a country with an outbreak, had a known exposure to a positive case or showed symptoms of the disease.

But access to tests has improved significantly, and in some places, people can now get tested without having to demonstrate any symptoms at all. So if you can get tested, should you?

In Navajo culture to speak of death is taboo. But since the tribe's coronavirus infection rate has become the highest in the country, they can't help but talk about it.

"It's killing every day," says medicine man Ty Davis, who knows at least five traditional practitioners who have died from COVID-19.

Weeks before the 2018 midterm, President Trump stood before a packed arena in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and singled out Rep. Steve King — then running for his ninth term.

"[King] may be the world's most conservative human being," Trump said to a crowd of cheering supporters.

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