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Minnesota Musician Kelley Smith

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Kelley Smith

Kelley Smith is a Brainerd based musician who recently released her debut EP, Moon Child.

Brainerd Lakes singer-songwriter Kelley Smith recently released her debut EP, Moon Child, and she stopped by Centerstage Minnesota to talk about the new project. Listen to learn more about this exciting new musician, who has already shared the stage with Dave Simonett, and will be playing a show with Charlie Parr on January 28th in Aikin.

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There is writing that says "Kelley Smith" and "Moon Child".
Moon Child EP

Kari (CAR-ee) is originally from South Dakota … a state often referred to as the land of infinite variety. As Music Director at Northern Community Radio, Kari has taken that theme to heart with her ability to feed a community of listeners hungry for an infinite variety of music and ideas. Along with her trademark lipstick and husky voice … Kari also raises a family … and Baguettes when time permits