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Album of the Week: We've Been Going About This All Wrong by Sharon Van Etten

I'll be honest, I had the chance to see Sharon Van Etten perform several of these songs at a conference last week in Philadelphia (NonComm-Vention), and it definitely played a role in my picking this as the album of the week. She commanded the stage, owned her weirdness, belted out some new tunes along with some older faves, and in general, placed herself at the top of music today. A true rockstar.

Always the intentional artist, Van Etten made the decision to not release any singles leading up to the release of We've Been Going About This All Wrong as she really wanted people to listen to the album in its entirety. In the past, that would be a somewhat generic thought, one that wouldn't make any waves. In 2022, that nearly qualifies as a demand that's asking a lot. In turn, while listening to it from start to finish, you get to hear all sides of the artist that is Sharon Van Etten. The intimate first tracks that have the ability to bring tears to your eyes (it's the pollen in the air, I swear), the DIY musician recording birds outside her window in LA to incorporate, to the rock star that makes you want to dance and get sweaty, forgetting all cares in the world.

For her fans, Van Etten has a history of helping people make sense of the world around them. In her sixth album, We've Been Going About This All Wrong, that continues unpacking the past two years, while somehow leaving an impression of optimism for the future.

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