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Guerilla Toss, 'Famously Alive'

For years, Guerilla Toss has been on a steady course to bring light into their signature psych rock chaos, shedding (but not abandoning) layers of noise for lucidity and poppy exuberance. This sonic transition reaches a critical mass with "Famously Alive," the quick-paced, propulsive title track to their forthcoming fifth studio album and Sub Pop Records debut.

"Famously Alive" gives a refreshing twist on the idea of fame as an inner celebration of perseverance. Inspired by her recovery from an opiate addiction during the pandemic, lead vocalist Kassie Carlson delivers a sugary, surreal ode to the joys of existence. The track is a self-made edict to live through whatever times come your way, where your own lust for life is the only confirmation you need to go on.

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