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Tower Update October 25th

A lot of progress has been made and the end of the project is nearing. This week Dan and crew completed the following projects:

- All 10 antenna bays have been mounted. Tower lights being worked on currently.

- Generator has been filled and ready to go.

- Transmitter has been fired up this morning at 10,000 watts into the dummy load. Everything worked fine.

- Tower lights should be operational tomorrow.

- The antenna tuning dude still has to show up to tune the antenna.

We may lose a day because of rain this week. This week, Lights finalized, ham antennas mounted, microwave dishes mounted + studio side work, antenna tuned, generator commissioned. Fingers crossed to go live on Friday!

As always, thank you for your patience and support. We are so close!!!

Sarah Bignall was named Interim General Manager is early 2022. Prior to being GM, Sarah started working at KAXE/KBXE in 2015 and was promoted to Director of Operations in 2016. Her duties included on-air programming, day-to-day operations, management of staff and coordinating and managing many of our events.