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July 30 - August 5 Self-Titled by Lanue

Lanue - Self-Titled
Lanue - new project from Duluth musician Sarah Krueger, out now

Like many of us over the past year, Duluth musician, Sarah Krueger needed a fresh start. Feeling detached from the music she had released in the past, she recruited some friends and created a new project, Lanue (LA-new). The project features some of the most excellent musicians in Minnesota today: Steve Garrington (Low), S. Carey (Bon Iver), JT Bates (Taylor Swift, Dead Man Winter), Ben Lester, Erik Koskinen, Ryan Young (Trampled by Turtles).

Recorded in her hometown of Eau Claire, the album was cut in two sessions at Hive Studios. Because the band was made up of all individuals who Krueger knew would work well together and trust in each other's abilities, she didn't show the songs to anyone before going in to the studio. In turn, that organic chemistry shines through from start to finish.

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