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Indian Boarding Schools: Michael Lyons discusses his family's experience

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It's one thing that really connects all Indian people around here, that we all have grandparents or great aunts and uncles who went to different boarding schools and had that experience. – Michael Lyons

Michael Lyons is the creator of Boozhoo Nanaboozhoo, a puppet podcast focused on Ojibwe language and culture. He joined the morning show to discuss his family’s experiences with boarding schools. His grandmother and grandfather both attended the Flandreau Boarding School in South Dakota. They had very different memories of their time spent. He breaks down those differences and discusses the impact of being severed from their families and their heritage. He also discusses the important process of re-discovering culture and heritage.

A silver lining to the dark cloud is that the language is coming back. And, you know, our connection to our ancestors and to the sense of who we are as a people does come alive again. - Michael Lyons