MN politics

We continue our MN Candidate series with DFLer Mike Rothman who is running for MN Attorney General.  This year the race is heated, especially on the DFL side  and the August 14th MN Primaries are all the more important.

We continued our Making sausage candidate series with lawyer Matt Pelikan today.  After a dramatic DFL convention, he was endorsed, but then the field became very crowded with candidates. Matt tells us what he thinks is important about the role of MN Attorney General.

DFL Representative Debra Hilstrom is traveling the state talking with Minnesotans as she campaigns to become Minnesota's next Attorney General.  She stopped by the KBXE studio in Bemidji to discuss why she's running.

Representative Keith Ellison was visiting northern MN over the 4th of July holiday and stopped by KAXE to tell us why he is running for MN's Attorney General.

Sarah Bignall

Thanks to everyone who came to the live DIG DEEP event with Aaron Brown and Chuck Marohn.  Politics in Minnesota was the topic, and many gave us feedback that they understood the races a little better.  Do you appreciate that Aaron and Chuck, coming from different schools of political thought, listen and speak respectfully to each other?  Support KAXE/KBXE, and indepdendent NPR affiliate that produces groundbreaking