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Recent Highlights:
Saint Anyway - What do you get when three Cloquet High School grads head off to Berklee College of Music in Boston, McNally Smith College of Music in Saint Paul, and a Harvard graduate, converge in Duluth, and form a band. Saint Anyway, that's what. Dane Levinski, Jamie Kallestad, and Tony Peterson have been working as hard as any band can, and Saint Anyway's recorded output and live performance indicates that. Ranging from banjo twinged pop to stompgrass, Saint Anyway have made themselves impossible to ignore in the past few years. In this interiew, Dane Levinski joins Charlie Pulkrabek.
Bigtree Bonsai - Bigtree Bonsai originated in Duluth and, to oversimplify things, moved to Minneapolis. The current lineup developed the way many bands develop in a city with a healthy music scene. The fellows that had moved to the Twin Cities were organically exposed to other accomplished musicians and today's Bigtree Bonsai gelled. Matt Duea, Brandon Hagstrom, Jack-Kolb Williams, Zach Mullan, and Ben Peterson join Charlie Pulkrabek.
John Gorka - John Gorka's brother Cass had just taught John how to play a few chords when John Gorka began creating his own songs. Hanging around infamous coffeehouse Godfrey Daniels and paying a discounted price halfway through music shows became living in the basement and becoming the house opening act. For years now those same folk icons have been John Gorka's colleagues. John Gorka talks with Charlie Pulkrabek here on Centerstage Minnesota.
Photo by: Jos van Vliet
Germaine Gemberling - Germaine Gemberling grew up in St. Paul. Germaine's career in music began early, in her teens, as part of an all female punk band working with Twin/Tone Records called Smut. Gemberling was playing roots music by the time she moved to Ely in 90's. Her 2010 self-titled release got the attention of many. And in 2013, Germaine Gemberling released "Generator," a record featuring Germaine's working and life partner Rich Mattson's recently reformed band Ol' Yeller. Here, Germaine Gemberling and Rich Mattson sit down to talk with Charlie Pulkrabek on Centerstage Minnesota.
Little Man - Chris Perricelli - Not long after the turn of the last century Ike Reilly and his band drove up from Chicago for a few annual, three night stands at The Turf Club in St. Paul's Midway District. Chris Perricelli was part of the crew in the role of Ike's Guitar Tech. His experiences in the Twin Cities were enjoyable enough, and the music scene impressive enough, that it wasn't too long before he moved he and his band, Little Man, to the Twin Cities. Little Man's respectful updating of some of the best elements from the rock and pop of the 70's quickly put Little Man on the shorter lists of bands working on a very high level in the Twin Cities. Here, Little Man's front man, Chris Perricelli joins Charlie Pulkrabek on Centerstage Minnesota.
Photo by Emily Utne. Clothed by Up Six.
Terry Longtin of Terry N 'Em - Terry Longtin, graduated from Grand Rapids High School in 1967. Already a musician, a very young Terry Longtin traveled to the other side of the world, and returned a Vietnam Veteran...a period of time that, for worse or for better, or whatever you want to call a few years that, beyond your control, alter the remainder your days.

Terry N 'Em is a group of musicians, a group of friends who grew up around Itasca County. Like all groups of close friends at that stage of life, their paths and experiences run the gamut. Two things that they all still have in common: Northern Minnesota is their first answer to, "Where's home?" and they've continued to love music, and are all musicians.

Jim Pietala (Drums), Tim Wick (Keyboards), Bret Reid (Guitar), Pat Downing (Bass, Trombone), Don Vidal (Saxaphone), Greg Kaczor (Backup Vocals, Guitar, Lap Steel, Banjo, and Bass), and Terry Longtin (Lead Vocals, Guitar) have recently concluded what is really an amazing feat in of managing logistics in coordinating schedules for the sake of of music, and even more than that, friendship. After numerous recording sessions at Greg Kaczor's studio in Warba, they have a record. Charlie Pulkrabek and Steve Downing talk with Terry Longtin and Greg Kaczor.
White Iron Band - Matt Pudas - Formed in Ely, Minnesota, the White Iron Band's music delivers layered songs that pay homage to the best of outlaw country music with an irrepressible desire for action. Multiple listens to White Iron Band's records reveal top notch instincts combined with a disdain for the lack of grit found in today's "new country," with stars that seem to be required to have two first names. Matt Pudas joins Charlie Pulkrabek on Centerstage Minnesota."
Photo Courtesy of Dragon Pheonix Photography
Rena Haus - Northern Community Radio Producer Britt Aamodt presents a feature on Blues, country, and folk singer-songwriter Rena Haus. Rena Haus is a name that has been on the Twin Cities blues circuit since the 1980s. She fronts the Rena Haus Trio and has jammed with local legends like "Spider" John Koerner and Willie Murphy. Her first musical teacher was her mother who, taking a break from dishes, taught her daughter the chords to "Red River Valley." For 15 years, Haus was a member of the Phoenix blues community, where she met her mentor, Louisiana-born bluesman Chico Chism, who took the musician under his wing. She returned to Minnesota in 1999. In Summer of 2013 she released an album of original material, "Out of the Blues."
Faith Boblett - Twenty-two year old singer / songwriter Faith Boblett began penning her own songs when she was thirteen. Working toward her recent debut full-length release "Oil & Water," Faith had to endure and survive personal adversity that would put anyone on their heels. That's behind her, and "Oil and Water," is one of the best Minnesota releases of 2013. Here, Faith Boblett talks to Charlie Pulkrabek.
Dakota Dave Hull is a world class guitar player that has been a fixture nationally, and in Minnesota going as far back as Minnesota has been able to claim a notable music scene. Here Dakota Dave Hull joins Kristi Miller and Charlie Pulkrabek on Centerstage Minnesota.
Colleen Myhre - Northern Community Radio producer Amy Clark presents this feature on Duluth area musician Colleen Myhre.
Charlie Parr - Charlie Parr is a singular musician. Given his refreshingly humble nature, you'll never hear that from Charlie Parr himself. But it is simply true. A self-taught player, student of the most earnest folk and blues players and traditions, and seemingly larger than life while seated on a folding chair during live performances, Charlie Parr has a chapter reserved for him in Minnesota's musical history. While that chapter is far from complete, such a claim can be made because of the unmistakable substance that makes up the man and his music. Check out this conversation Charlie Parr had with Charlie Pulkrabek, and the songs he recorded in the studios of Northern Community Radio.
Julie Johnson and the No-Accounts - If you want to play the flute professionally it will, almost without variation, means you will be the caretaker of revered tradition, and you will spend your career playing music created by others within the respected confines of that music's genre. Without question this is an honorable responsibility, and an honorable role to occupy as a musician. Julie Johnson was already a well-trained flutist when she came to the realization that she also also wanted to compose music, wanted to invent. While harboring great respect for the musical traditions that form the firm footing from which the music of Julie Johnson & the No-Accounts extends, Julie Johnson and her band (Doug Otto: Vocals & Guitar, and Drew Druckery: Vocals, Mandolin, & Resonator Guitar) have been been forging new ground in music for Julie's instrument, the flute, and in numerous ethnic and folk musical traditions.
Acoustic Smoke - Joseph Holt and Roy Hershberger traveled long distances, decades, on different musical paths before an off-the-cuff jam session sparked the the beginning of Acoustic Smoke a few years back. The pair have been working hard at writing, recording, and especially performing, around Minnesota since then. Joe Holt and Roy Hershberger joined Charlie Pulkrabek on Centerstage Minnesota.
Southwire - A new band out of Duluth, Southwire, while drawing from some well established musical traditions, are operating in the realm of invention. When you consider all that's been done, that somebody else has already tried, invention in music usually requires the music be on, or beyond, the fringe. Instead, the innovation offered up from this group of familiar names and faces from Duluth's music scene seems to be the contemporary discovery of something that has always been there. A blatant omission by those that created the map. The map isn't the landscape. Southwire is a reminder of that. Northern Community Radio Producer Amy Clark presents this insightful piece on the music of Southwire.

Photo: Ben Larson of Southwire
The Bad Companions - The Bad Companions are a Minneapolis band formed relatively recently in 2011. The players in The Bad Companions are a who's who of players that have been fixtures of the Twin Cities rockabilly and roots music scene for years. The Vibro Champs, Stockcar Named Desire, Jack Knife and the Sharps, and Cadillac Kolstad are a few of the musical acts that have featured these players in the past. The Bad Companions blend modern themes, and a little bit of punk, with Rockabilly, Swingin' Blues, and occasionally Surf music. Bad Companions leader Al Subola, and Scott "Frenchy" Fremont met up with Charlie Pulkrabek at south Minneapolis coffee shop to talk about music and stuff.
I Like You - Once in a while a band comes along that are working well within genres and sounds that you've heard before, and that you like. But even though they are in familiar, and well-charted territory, they're particular approach feels new. I Like You is one of those bands. Described as "Pop-Folk-Swing-Reggae-GypsyJazz-LOVE," Wendy Soleil's tangible charisma is a perfect garnish for this musical sundae.
Sam and Friends: Gary Shulte - In this installment of "Sam and Friends," gypsy jazz guitarist Sam Miltich talks, and performs with jazz and classical violinist Gary Shulte. In this interview Sam Miltich and Gary Shulte discuss their gypsy jazz collboration.
Brian Laidlaw is a singer / songwriter out of the Twin Cities. For the past year he's been working on a project inspired by Bob Dylan, and made possible by a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. Brian Laidlaw stopped by the studios of Northern Community Radio in Grand Rapids and had a conversation with Chad Haatvedt and Dan Houg about that project and his music.
An Essay From Alison Scott - The soulful Twin Cities musician Alison Scott provides an inside look at the often over glamorized experience of being a touring musician.
Trampled By Turtles and Actual Wolf at The Reif Center In Grand Rapids - Centerstage Minnesota producer and host, Charlie Pulkrabek, provides a reflection on this concert which was layered with interest.
Tim Saxhaug of Trampled By Turtles - Trampled By Turtles' recent 10th Anniversary tour of Minnesota included a stop in Grand Rapids on May 8th at The Reif Center. For Trampled By Turtles bassist Tim Saxhaug it meant a return to a stage familiar to him from his days as a student at Grand Rapids High School. On their way to The Reif Center a slick looking black Mercedes bus slowed down in front of Northern Community Radio's studios in Grand Rapids, and out came Tim Saxhaug. He talked with Charlie Pulkrabek about the launch into stardom the members of Trampled By Turtles have experienced in the past 18 months.
The Half-Eaten Burritos Talk To Erika Kooda - Filling in at the helm for this edition of Centerstage Minnesota is Northern Community Radio's intern from Grand Rapids High School, Erika Kooda. Joining Erika for a feature interview are The Half-Eaten Burritos, a band comprised of students from Grand Rapids High School.
Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders - Alex "Crankshaft" Larson grew up in the country about an hour north of the Twin Cities where he and his brother killed time playing music. After years playing punk rock, Alex "Crankshaft" Larson, spurred on by the burst of the housing bubble collapse killing his construction business, began Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders. My favorite term Alex used to describe his music is "Americana Slop Bucket." He may have used the term "Pork Neck Boogie" as some point as well. Larson's band blends a number of American music styles into a sound that is reminiscent of many things you might have heard, but is also undoubtedly the product of the drive, sense of fun, and adventurousness of Alex "Crankshaft" Larson. And, rightfully so, Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders have been steadily building attention through their solid releases and memorable live performances.
Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank - Ian Thomas Alexy, and Teague Alexy migrated west from The East Coast eventually settling in Holyoke, Minnesota around 2005. They immediately began frequenting stages around Duluth as individual acts. Quickly their styles and talents began to meld into the act that they named Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank. They've logged serious miles criss-crossing the United States playing shows. Also publishing an EP, and four full-length albums, including their newest release "Number One Contender," the Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank are undoubtedly a central musical entity these days in Duluth, a town that has in recent years been producing as much or more attention grabbing music as the Twin Cities. Teague and Ian showed up on a chilly Sunday morning recently to have this conversation with Charlie Pulkrabek.
Photo by Joshua Priestley.
No Grass Limit and Morgan's Run This past winter Northern Community Radio volunteer programmer and producer Dave Lathrop showed up on a Saturday to attend and cover an event put on by the Minnesota Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association at the Chief Theater in Bemidji. Part of their Community Concert Series, this concert featured No Grass Limit, and Morgan's Run. Taking the information and audio he gathered that day, Dave Lathrop crafted this great piece about the event and both bluegrass bands.
Brothers Burn Mountain - Ryan and Jesse Dermody have chosen to approach life on their own terms. The specifics of that implication involve many creative pursuits, music occupying the top of that list. It also can mean living in a cabin in the northern Minnesota woods without running water or electricity, the pursuit of sweetness, I could go on. The Brothers Burn Mountain are not so much trying to sell you a record, or put on a live show from musician to audience. The Brothers Burn Mountain, instead, seem to be pursuing the experience of making great art together. By that I mean together with each other to be shared with those that are open to it. When they play a show, it is again about their experience, and those watching and listening...experiencing the music with them could very well be on stage with them. For in many ways those sharing that experience become part of the music. These guys truly see music as a path to meaningful, peaceful lives. And that truth adds a tangible quality to their music that sets it apart in a way that eludes language, eludes description.
Produced by Amy Clark. Additional thanks to sound engineer Keenan McIntyre-Talbott.
Tea and Sympathy - Though Alicia Corbett is an acclaimed musician and songwriter among the musicians inhabiting the Twin Cities, her music is a virtual secret to many music fans when you compare the quality of her output over the past twenty-plus years since she arrived in Minnesota from Northern Michigan with the general awareness of her work. Those that know Alicia Corbett's work with her band Tea and Sympathy, or under her own name, have probably pined for more. With "Things Like This," Tea and Sympathy's new record, old and new music fans are likely to be delighted. Old fans finally have another impressive new record to sink their teeth into, and new fans have not only "Things Like This," to discover, but three more past releases to indulge in after that. Here, Alicia Corbett joins Charlie Pulkrabek on Centerstage Minnesota.
Nikki and the Ruemates - Nikki Matteson's appearance as a teen on Prairie Home Companion was only the beginning. Down the road a ways she met Rich Rue, and the two have been partners making music together for some time now. Very notably, "Rise and Shine," the 2012 full-length release from Nikki and the Ruemates is real statement. Nikki Matteson recently joined Charlie Pulkrabek on Centerstage Minnesota.
Monroe Crossing is a Minnesota Bluegrass band named for Bill Monroe, "The Father of Bluegrass Music. 2013 represents the band's thirteenth year together. And Monroe Crossing's 2012 release "The Road Has No End" is the thirteenth full-length record, and they average 125 live shows per year. Recently Derek Johnson of Monroe Crossing recently joined Northern Community Radio volunteer programmer and producer Dave Lathrop and Charlie Pulkrabek on Centerstage Minnesota.
Photo by Jamey Guy.
Mary Bue has been making music out of the Duluth music scene since 1998. Mary Bue released her fourth full-length record, "Apple In the Ocean," was released in 2012. Recently Northern Community Radio producer Amy Clark brings us this piece on Mary Bue and her music.
Photo by Sarah Holden.
Shannon Selberg was the downright frightening frontman, vocalist, and part-time bugle player for eleven years for the legendary Minneapolis punk/noise band The Cows. After a move to New York City in the late 90's, Selberg put together The Heroine Sheiks. A version of that band migrated back to Minneapolis, disbanding in 2009.

Historical accounts of Twin Cities music history that are out there these days seem to feel like they've covered the heavy, obnoxious, anticommercial leaning bands once they've touched on The Replacements and Husker Du. The truth is many, many bands of that nature formed the foundation of the Twin Cities music scene for roughly 30 years. It was from that foundation which the thriving Minnesota music environment of today has grown. This conversation between Shannon Selberg and Charlie Pulkrabek digs into some of the Twin Cities music history that is all too overlooked.
Breanne Marie is a relatively new country western musician who is rapidly becoming visible, along with her band The Front Porch Sinners, in Duluth's music community. Late last year she released Six Strings of Peace and Sanity, her debut full-length release. It's an album that chronicles Breanne's struggle to recover from the gut wrenching tragedy that has been all to real in her life since 2006. Northern Community Radio producer Amy Clark brings us this piece on the music of Breanne Marie. Additional thanks to sound engineer Keenan McIntyre-Talbott.
Sam Miltich Remembers One of his Mentors, Croatian-American musician and instrument maker Sheba Hecimovich of Coleraine. Sheba died late last year at the age of 90.
Reina del Cid and the Cidizens
Reina del Cid grew up in Fargo. She attended the University of Minnesota on a scholarship awarded to her by The Jackie Robinson Foundation. Despite being tempted by serious interest from some big shots in the music industry while she was in college earning her English degree, Reina opted to complete her degree before shifting her focus to music. Music fans are lucky now, though. Degree in hand, Reina del Cid is a musician these days. Reina del Cid and the Cidizens recently released "blueprints, plans," an excellent debut full length release that has garnered well deserved attention. On their way to Duluth one Friday night, Reina del Cid and Toni Lindgren, the Cidizens guitar player, detoured through Grand Rapids to stop at the Northern Community Radio studios in Grand Rapids to talk to Charlie Pulkrabek on Centerstage MInnesota.
Dave King is a highly accomplished drummer primarily working in the Jazz genre, though he is also in the Minneapolis pop band Halloween Alaska, and spent a number of years behind the kit fo rthe now nonexistent band 12 Rods. During the 1990's an avante-garde jazz trio emerged quickly out of the Twin Cities named Happy Apple, featuring Dave King, Eric Fratzke, and Michael Lewis. Around the turn of the century The Bad Plus formed. Nearly as quickly as music fans became aware of them they joined the roster of Columbia Records. The Bad Plus is Dave King, Ethan Iverson, and Reid Anderson. Together they are one of the most important bands working in contemporary Jazz during the past ten-plus years. Reid and Ethan reside in New York City, while Dave King calls the Twin Cities home.
An essay from Jon Dallas - "In the Zone" Jon Dallas, originally from Ashland, Ohio, has played trombone, piano, and bass in hundreds of ensembles over the past forty years -- from off-Broadway pit bands, to chamber groups, to jamming with Dizzy Gillespie backstage, to backup for The Temptations. He currently plays with the IvoTrio and The Big-Time Jazz Orchestra. Jon lives in Chisolm and teaches at Hibbing Community College. In this essay Jon Dallas talks about experiencing those rare moments when all the variables in a live performance come together.
Sam and Friends: Peter Ostroushko The fifth installment of "Sam and Friends," has Sam Miltich talking with well known Ukrainian-American mandolin and fiddle player Peter Ostroushko. In this conversation, Peter tells Sam about his early musical influences growing up in the Ukrainian neighborhoods of northeast Minneapolis.
Martin Zellar was the frontman of The Gear Daddies, a late 80's/early 90's Minneapolis based band with whose members formed bonds while living a couple hours south in Austin. In that band Billy Dankert and Martin Zellar wrote great songs that when brought to life in The Gear Daddies arrangements were irresistibly melancholic numbers that crystallize intimate yet universal aspects of small town and rural life. The quality of The Gear Daddies' first two records adds up thier worthiness of comparison with the importance of The Jayhawks within Minnesota music history. Martin's solo career has provided continued creative achievement including his impressive release from 2012 called "Rooster's Crow." He and Nick Ciola recently stopped into the Northern Community Radio's studios on their way to a show at the Reif Center.
Bill Bulinski was born in Chicago and his family moved to Ely early in his life. At 13 he placed an ad in the paper that initiated the formation of The Electras, a band that spent time on Columbia Records, and is credited as one of the precursors to punk rock. Then came The Greaseballs, a band that feaured Bulinski's surf style guitar on their instrumental tracks. Bulinski, though, is adept at many styles of guitar. Lately he's been a Boundary Waters Boy, and has released a record called "Bare Naked Guitar," which is just what sounds like. Bill recently spoke with Charlie Pulkabek on Centerstage Minnesota.
The Slamming Doors Adam Herman spent years touring around the southwest United States with band called James and the Devil. More recently he moved to Minnesota's Iron Range where he put together The Slamming Doors. With a strong 2012 EP release, gigs every weekend, and plans for another record, this band is has one mode...full speed ahead.
Arcwelder This week's feature is a conversation Charlie Pulkrabek recently had with two members of the mainstay Twin Cities punk/hard rock band Arcwelder, Scott Macdonald and Rob Graber.

Photo by Jesse Keenan
Snobarn This Duluth based band started as the duo of Gaelynn Lea and Ariane Norrgard. Snobarn has recently added three more members to fill out their electronic folk/alternative sound. Northern Community Radio Producer Amy Clark brings us this feature piece on this intriguing new band.
An Essay from Sasha Mercedes Sasha is a talented singer/songwriter that grew up in northern Minnesota, and currently makes her home in Minneapolis. Sasha contributed this essay about a subject that most musicians must eventually face. Find out more about Sasha Mercedes and her music here.

Photo by Rachel Schroeder
Sam and Friends: Martha Larson In the fourth installment of "Sam and Friends," Minneapolis jazz cellist with one foot in the Chicago jazz community and one foot in the Minnesota jazz community Martha Larson talks to Sam Miltich about her craft.
Author and Professor of Ojibwe at Bemidji State University Anton Treuer joins Michelle Martin on National Public Radio to introduce some of his favorite musicians and musical groups.
Jazz Guitarist Darin Bergsven Jazz Guitarist Darin Bergsven has roots in Bemidji and currently calls Duluth home. His 2012 full-length release "Out of Nowhere" is quite a statement. Northern Community Radio Producer Amy Clark presents this feature piece on Darin and his music.
Luke Thompson of Mippey5 talks to Erika Kooda - When Luke Thompson says of Youtube "It's changed my life." he's not kidding. He and his act known as Mippey5 have become a Youtube sensation with their entertaining and well-crafted parodies. Erika Kooda recently talked to Luke Thompson how he got started making parodies and Mippey5's success.
Booka Michel Founder and owner of Loudhouse Records of Austin, Texas Booka Michel is a native of Grand Rapids. He still spends a couple months during summer at his cabin on an area lake. Last time Booka was in the area he came into Northern Community Radio's studios in Grand Rapids to talk about his musical path, and some of his recent projects. Photo by Jacob Michel.
Sean Daley, AKA MC Slug of Atmosphere Last winter Charlie Pulkrabek had a rather long conversation with Sean Daley, AKA MC Slug of Minneapolis hip-hop standouts Atmosphere and a founder of the Rhymesayers Entertainment record label. This, the second part of that conversation, focuses on the development of hip-hop in Minnesota and the beginnings of Rhymesayers Entertainment.
An essay from Jon Dallas - "If the Spirit" Jon Dallas, originally from Ashland, Ohio, has played trombone, piano, and bass in hundreds of ensembles over the past forty years -- from off-Broadway pit bands, to chamber groups, to jamming with Dizzy Gillespie backstage, to backup for The Temptations. He currently plays with the IvoTrio and The Big-Time Jazz Orchestra. Jon lives in Chisolm and teaches at Hibbing Community College.
The Parlour Suite are fronted by the married duo Joel and Inga Roberts. They are referred to as "Surf Pop" music, though that term seems too limited for describing their intelligent pop sensibilities. Give this feature interview with Charlie Pulkrabek a listen and see what you think of The Parlour Suite. Photo by LeoGra.
An Essay From Kevin Bowe offers his thoughts on being a musician and how to deal with the various inevitable judgements of your creation, your music, in this essay.
Brothers Burn Mountain are as interesting and exciting as any band working in Minnesota today. The band consists of Ryan and Jesse Dermody, two brothers who seem as interested in making great art as a means of good living as they do about receiving praise. The result, as evidenced on their five full-length releases, is nothing if not worthy of the highest praise. Northern Community Radio Producer Amy Clark presents this feature piece giving further insight into the entity that is the Brothers Burn Mountian. Additional thanks to sound engineer Keenan McIntyre-Talbott.
We Love To Be Free is a compilation of songs put out by Minnesotans United For All Families. It is a collaboration effort from Minnesota musicians compelled to action by the existence of the Minnesota Same-Sex Marriage Ammendment on the 2012 ballot. Recently Co-Producers Dave Alderson and Nicole Navratil talked to Charlie Pulkrabek on Centerstage Minnesota.
Sasha Mercedes is a talented singer/songwriter that grew up in northern Minnesota, and currently makes her home in Minneapolis. Her story is very interesting to say the least. You heard an essay from Sasha Mercedes last week. This week we present a feature interview recorded when she stopped into our Bemidji Northern Community Radio studio and talked with Charlie Pulkrabek. Photo by Catie Ezati
Kevin Bowe and the Okemah Prophets is a veteran of the Minneapolis music scene. His success has come in a variety of roles. Kevin Bowe is a songwriter for musicians like Kenny Wayne Shepard, Jonny Lang, Etta James, Alison Scott, and more. He's producer, and a hired gun guitarist having worked with the likes of Freedy Johnston, and former Replacements frontman Paul Westerberg. This year he released a great record with his band called Kevin Bowe and the Okemah Prophets called "Natchez Trace." Charlie Pulkrabek recently got a chance to talk with Kevin Bowe, Peter Anderson, and Steve Price at Northern Community Radio's studios in Bemidji.
Sasha Mercedes is a talented singer/songwriter that grew up in northern Minnesota, and currently makes her home in Minneapolis. Her story is very interesting to say the least. Tune in to Centerstage Minnesota next week to hear a feature interview with Sasha Mercedes. This week Sasha brings us an essay on career choices and parental concern.

Photo by Rachel Schroeder
Ben Kyle is well known for being the singer/songwriter that has fronted the Minneapolis band Romantica for 10 years and three records. His new self-titled solo release, to be released nationally in November, comes to us highly anticipated. Charlie Pulkrabek recently caught up with Ben Kyle at his studio in Minneapolis.
Sam and Friends: Patrick Harison - In the third installment of "Sam and Friends," Sam Miltich and acclaimed accordionist Patrick Harison join Scott Hall in the Northern Community Radio studios for a conversation about Patrick's career, that storied instrument the accordion, and to perform some music.
Teague Alexy has been working hard this past summer in support of his latest solo record titled "This Dance." Teague and his brother Ian front the band Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank. Teague Alexy recently joined Travis Ryder on Currrents to talk about his carreer and play a few songs.
Wookiefoot is a Minneapolis based entity that most closely resembles a band. But these guys are hoping to trancsend what that currently means. Give this feature interview with Mark Murphy a listen and see what I mean.
Alison Scott is a singer songwriter from the Twin Cities that presents music that touches on, but is certainly not limited to Blues, Jazz, and Soul music. Her stock has been rising quickly. She recently joined Charlie Pulkrabek on Centerstage Minnesota.
Diet Folk is a young trio rising quickly through the Duluth music scene. Their new record "Cold," released in June, is making a splash for good reason. Northern Community Radio Producer Amy Clark crafted this piece on Diet Folk.
4OnTheFloor is a band based out of Minneapolis that humbly say they're just getting back to basics. They are doing much more than that, and quickly garnering well-deserved attention for their efforts. Gabriel Douglas of 4OnTheFloor recently talked to Charlie Pulkrabek on Centerstage Minnesota.
Sam and Friends: Connie Evingson - In the second installment of "Sam and Friends," Sam Miltich interviews mainstay Jazz Vocalist and Hibbing native Connie Evingson about her career in Minnesota's music scene. Connie Evingson's latest release is called "Sweet Happy Life."
Virgil Caine is band of seasoned musicians that plays what they call "Roots rock, R & B, and Butt Shakin' Blues." Mark Hawley from Virgil Caine joined Charlie Pulkrabek on Centerstage Minnesota.
Murder of Crows - Alan Sparhawk is well known for being central to such acts as Low, Black Eyed Snakes, and Retribution Gospel Choir. His newest project is new duo called Murder of Crows featuring Sparhawk and Gaelynn Lea. Producer Amy Clark brings us an early look at this exciting new act.
Actual Wolf - Eric Pollard has played as part of musical acts like Low, Retribution Gospel Choir, and the Dukes of Hubbard. Now this Grand Rapids native is striking out on his own as the creative force behind Actual Wolf. Travis Ryder recently spoke with Eric Pollard about his new project and some of his experiences as a touring musician.
Sam and Friends: Charmin Michelle - In this, the debut of a new Centerstage Minnesota feature called "Sam and Friends," Sam Miltich interviews Charmin Michelle about her music, jazz music in Minnesota, and more.
Big Walter Smith - The Minnesota Blues Legend, Big Walter Smith passed away on the morning of Tuesday, July 24th. Listen here for an intimate interview that Doug MacRostie recorded with bluesman Big Walter Smith in 2010 about such subjects as his first experience singing, how he got to Minnesota, what kept him here, and more.
Sena Ehrhardt Band is making waves with their first record of a three record deal with Blind Pig Records titled Leave the Light On, combined with their captivating live performances. Travis Ryder produced this interview with Sena Ehrhardt of the Sena Ehrhardt Band for Northern Community Radio's Centertage Minnesota program.
Sonny Johnson - Maybe, like many of us at Northern Community Radio, you got hooked on this talented kid performing as part of the past two editions of the Great Northern Radio Show. He'll be on stage again this Saturday at KAXE's 8th Annual Mississippi River Festival during the Young Musician's Showcase. Listen to this interview Charlie Pulkrabek recorded recently with Sonny Johnson.
July 5th, 2012: Together Germiane Gemberling and Rich Mattson are at least partially responsible for current musical acts like Junkboat, The Tisdales, The Bitter Spills, and their own solo acts which span a variety of sounds. Rich also runs Sparta Sound, a recording studio named for the town in which it resides. Charlie Pulkrabek recently sat down with them at the studios of Northern Community Radio.
May 31st, 2012: Producer Amy Clark brings us a profile of Duluth area musician Teague Alexy and his new solo record titled "This Dance."
May 19th, 2012: Trampled By Turtles bassist and Grand Rapids native Tim Saxhaug joins Travis Ryder to talk about their music and the whirlwind of attention the group has gotten since the release of the newest Trampled By Turtles record titled Stars and Satellites.
May 12th, 2012: Renowned jazz guitarists Joan Griffith and Sam Miltich join Charlie Pulkrabek to talk about music and what it means to them.
April 26th, 2012: Producer Dave Lathrop documents the "draw band" process at the Cabin Fever Reliever Bluegrass gathering in Duluth. Dave follows one of the draw bands as they pull together a performance with very limited time for preparation.
April 19th, 2012: Northern Community Radio Producer Amy Clark presents a documentary about Duluth based musician Charlie Parr.
April 19th, 2012: Folk Singer Jaspar Lepak joins Travis Ryder to talk about her music and her nomadic life.
April 12th, 2012: The Magnolias have a new studio record out, after a long hiatus, titled "Pop the Lock." Frontman John Freeman joins Charlie Pulkrabek to talk about the historical significance of The Magnolias and what they are up to these days.
April 5th, 2012: Lance Benson and Mark Bauer join Travis Ryder in the KBXE studios for a conversation and live performamce.
 SoundClipProducer Dave Lathrop documents the "draw band" process at the Cabin Fever Reliever Bluegrass gathering in Duluth. Dave follows one of the draw bands as they pull together a performance with very limited time for preparation.
February 16th, 2012: Charlie is joined by Sean Daley, aka MC Slug of Minneapolis indie Hip-Hop giants Atmosphere.
Jan. 12, 2012 Travis Ryder talks with veteran folk musician Larry Long about his new record, "Don't Stand Still," activism, and Community Celebration, his nonprofit organization.
Dec. 15, 2011 Charlie Pulkrabek is joined in the studio by Paul Metsa to talk about his new book Blue Guitar Highway.
Nov. 3, 2011 Brian Miller, originally from Bemidji, breathes new life into the Celtic-inspired songs of our region's lumber camps.
July 28, 2011 Maddi Frick visits with Joey Ryan, bandleader of Twin Cities-based band Joey Ryan and the Inks.  They released their second LP, Dennis Lane, on July 30.
July 14th, 2011 Dave Lathrop interviews teenage guitar slinger Trent Romens, a performer at the KAXE Mississippi River Festival 2011.
May 5th, 2011 Charlie talks with Alan Sparhawk of internationally-acclaimed, Duluth-based band Low.  Their new CD is titled C'mon.

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