Grand Rapids
Hibbing Bemidji
Bagley Brainerd
h "The Shoemaker's Wife" by Adriana Trigiani

A great, sweeping novel that takes place in Italy and Chisholm and really shows the history of the mining industry. 

"Frozen" by Mary Casanova

Barefoot Contessa's "Foolproof"

- Heidi  Program Director
f For Everyone:
A good pair of gloves - not too thick, not too thin.

For Beatles-Lovers:
The Lost Beatles Photographs: The Bob Bonis Archive 1964-1966

For Kids:
Sesame Street: Old School, Volumes 1-3
Melissa and Doug products (puzzles, blocks, etc. that are good for preschoolers and toddlers)

- Jennifer Member Services Manager
k Music:

Modern folk with tremendous vocal harmony:
GIRLYMAN 'Supernova"

Hell-raising '50s-style rhythm 'n blues:
J.D. MCPHERSON, "Signs And Signifiers"

Reggae icon refreshes his style:
JIMMY CLIFF, "Rebirth"

A very human kind of electronic rock:
ALT-J, "An Awesome Wave"

Jazzy Jersey girl travels the world:
MELODY GARDOT, "The Absence"

- Travis Music Director
f  Wild Ties

- Steve The Beat Producer, Consultant
f I can second Nancy Pearl's recommendation of the book "Heft" by Liz Moore. It's really a good read.

Wild Rice, the quintessential northern MN local food gift. I take it everywhere.

Also, Dahl's Dairy Butter.  The best butter anywhere!  Both of those together, and you have the start of a savory wild rice pilaf!

Annnnd . . . Forestedge Wine-especially good this year (Imo, at least) are the white cranberry and the black current.  Splash some of the white cranberry into that pilaf as the rice is cooking . . .

- Maggie General Manager
f Gender Neutral Toys

This holiday season, consider breaking norms and giving that child in your life a gift that has nothing to do with their gender.  It's easy to give a little girl a pink kitchen set and a little boy a robot helicopter.  I think you should switch that.  Think it's crazy? 

Check out Buzzfeed's collection of "stone-age" children's toys.  Make a conscious decision to stop stereotypes this holiday season. 

- Maddi Producer
If you don't know what to get for someone because they "have it all," I recommend a donation to The Community Cafe. The Community Cafe is "Dedicated to Reducing Hunger and Building a Stronger Community." They provide free hot, nutritious meals twice a week in Grand Rapids and Deer River to individuals, seniors, children, and families in a social environment.

- Penny Business Manager

f Binoculars. Either small ones for inside the car or nice ones for gazing out from within the house.

- John Development Director
Laura Erickson's two latest books, "Hawk Ridge: Minnesota's Birds of Prey" and "Twelve Owls," both illustrated by Betsy Bowen.  Also "Chickadees at Night" by Bill Smith, with great illustrations as well. 

Andrej's Potica for a a delicious locally-made holiday treat (found in a lot of local grocery stores.)

- Scott Community Access Coordinator
f Practical and romantic:  Steger Mukluks    prices vary around $200.

Romantic:  Framed, matted print of a digital photo.  Print shops can color print a digital photo inexpensively and have it framed and matted locally.  The digital print is a couple dollars, a good hand made mat and frame $60

Unromantic but practical:  Jumper cables.  Don't buy anything less than 4 gauge wire, 20 feet long, all weather insulation, and preferably made in USA.   $65

- Dan Chief Engineer & Plumber
f Portable NOAA radio to access and plan for the latest weather guesses.  Pencils with a ream of paper if/when all the high tech stuff crashes, one could gather thoughts, practice drawing and writing.

- Linda Announcer
Minnesota Music


    Bob Mould - The Silver Age -Ex Husker Du and Sugar frontman gives em what they want.

The Magnolias - Pop The Lock - The first studio record in a long time from this pillar band of Minnepolis pop and punk.

The Parlour Suite - Everyone's Looking - This band is fronted by the married duo Joel and Inga Roberts. They are referred to as "Surf Pop" music, though that term seems too limited for describing their intelligent pop sensibilities.

 The Bad Companions - What, Me Worry? - A great rockin' rockabilly record from a supergroup of sorts made up of seasoned Twin Cities rockabilly players.

 4OnTheFloor - 4X4 - Four guys playing four kick drums in four-four time. They're not mean. They're also not messin' around.

Actual Wolf - Lightning and the Wolf - Hired gun player for other great bands stands front and center and makes a statement.

The Honeydogs - What Comes After - Adam Levy and company put out their most solid record, maybe ever.


Teague Alexy - This Dance - Co-frontman of Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank gives us this solid collection of well-written songs.

Diet Folk - Cold - Twenty-somethings from Duluth make one of the best records I've heard this year

Saint Anyway - Here on the Ground - Sharing members with Diet Folk, these guys lean further into contemporary bluegrass.

Trampled By Turtles - Stars and Satellites- Pretty and brooding at the same time. Their last couple releases have been great. This one's even better.

Steve Kaul and the Brass Kings - Machine - Steve Kaul is a machine. His output in the last ten years has been fantastic and plentiful. He and his group of players are as worthy of attention as anybody currently playing in Minnesota today.

I Like You - Fall In Like - This record sounds like a celebration that you don't soon forget and doesn't hang you over.

Ben Kyle - Self-titled - The uber-talented frontman of Romantica delivers a long-waited, highly personal record.


Connie Evingson - Sweet Happy Life - A wonderful record from Hibbing native and veteran Twin Cities jazz vocalist.

Darin Bergsven - Out of Nowhere - Traditional songs, and songs written by Charles Johnson (AKA Frank Black). This Duluth musician with roots in Bemidji rides that line like he doesn't know it should be difficult.


Virgil Caine - Self-titled - Seasoned players from northeast Minnesota present a great collection of blues-rock originals

Alison Scott - Hiding Under the Covers: Vol. 2: A diverse and entertaining collection of covers from this bluesy, soulful Minnesota talent.


Twin Cities Funk and Soul: Lost R & B Grooves from Minneapolis/St. Paul - 1964 to 1979 - Twenty-one lost tracks rescued and rereleased. There is some serious good karma deserved for putting these songs in the light of day again.

- Charlie Arts and Cultural Heritage Producer
Extra things we couldn't resist!
Trampled By Turtles Onesies Stormy Kromer in Raspberry Hats by Northern Community Radio! $15
f f f
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