Northern Community Radio launched a new program called Let's Visit this summer.  Each month we focus on one community or area in northern Minnesota.  Our first visit had us traveling to Crosby, MN.  It did not disappoint and we are definitely going back!  Crosby was at a crossroads after the mining industry pulled out of the area nearly 30 years ago.  Since that time the community has re-established itself as a recreation destination and the shift has had a direct, positive impact on economy, livability and community growth.  In this segment of Let's Visit, we connect with Laura Huisinga w

Local musician Jacob Mahon stopped in to the KBXE studio with four friends he's calling, The Salty Dogs. Hear the conversation about songwriting, the adreneline rush of performing, and the emptiness of Mondays. Tune in to CenterStage Minnesota every Friday at 2 and 10.

Robin Cunningham joined John and Heidi to describe a beautiful bowl of oatmeal, complete with a freshly picked apple, cinnamon, and walnuts; and topped with butter and cream. "It tastes like apple crisp alamode," Robin said. To compliment the meal, she was drinking freshly ground French roast coffee all in the comfort of the smoky hills of Minnesota.

Birthday Pie Guy, Billy Shaw called in to share breakfast with John and Heidi on his birthday. Mom made Billy a nice peanut butter and homemade chokecherry jelly sandwich. He also had coffee with cream. He topped off the meal with cantelope and other assorted fruits. Find out about his Alaska trip and the moose who visit AirBNBs. Stay tuned to the end for a few hints on making pie crust.

On the First Friday of every month, we check in with folks around the listening area and learn about the arts events happening around us.  Northern Minnesota is brimming art events this month!  From Besty Bowen's woodcut exhibit at the Edge Center for the Arts, to jewelry making classes at Smoky Hills Arts in Park Rapids, Ethnic Fest in Walker, contra dancing at the Ely Folk School, the new exhibitss at the MacRostie Art Center in Grand Rapids and the Watermark Art Center in Bemidji as well as an interview with painter Thomas Paquette, this month's First Friday Cavalcade is chock full of in

Carolyn King

Carolyn King and her sisters have been watching the Miss America Pageant since the 50s.  She's been before, but not like this year, where she's watching rehearsals and getting all the behind the scenes scoop. 

Judith Hallfrisch of Baltimore City, Maryland called from her cabin near Marcel to share her breakfast of two eggs fried in butter, oregano, garlic, salsa on Dulce Bread and real coffee while working on a 2,000-piece puzzle of hundreds of cats in the screen room by the lake.

Grant Frashier

On a roadtrip to Southwestern Minnesota host Grant Frashier found that unexpected and unplanned experiences were the most memorable part of the thrip.

We talked with MN Supreme Court Justice Ann McKeig recently.  She told us about the MN Supreme Court's visit to Thief River Falls High School on Thursday September 13th. 

Stigsell Creative

Gaelynn Lea is out with a new album tomorrow, which for the first time in her career, features a full band filled with her musical friends from Minnesota. In the past, Gaelynn has created and presented her work with her voice, violin and looping pedal; Learning How To Stay features Alan Sparhawk, Al Church, Andrew Foreman, Dave Mehling and Marty Dosh who were all also involved in the creative process. 

At the album's core? Gaelynn Lea and her one of a kind distinct sound. 


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Last week, hackers stole an estimated $59 million from a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange called Zaif, according to a statement released Thursday by the owners of the exchange.

According to Cointelegraph, the Tech Bureau Corp. said the breach occurred on September 14. The company discovered something was wrong on September 17, and realized it was a hack the following day, September 18.

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The World Anti-Doping Agency has reinstated Russia's state anti-doping regulator after a major doping scandal that reverberated across international sports. The move has been roundly condemned by anti-doping advocates.

The reinstatement of RUSADA, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency, is subject to conditions. Nine members of WADA's executive committee backed the decision. Two voted against it – the agency's vice president and Oceania. Europe abstained.

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